Playing For Keeps: Ownership at Matchday

Ownership in today's digital world is still a fresh and often bewildering concept. The idea of being able to own something digital is an idea that many people get stuck on. Yet, in practice, we see clearly that ownership elicits the same emotions and experiences regardless of whether it’s digital or physical.

For us at Matchday, ownership goes beyond the possession of items, it represents a paradigm shift in how we interact with and experience football. Ownership enables a deeper, more engaging connection with the game we love. It's about being a part of the wider football narrative, another thread to bring you in to the game.

The Evolution of Fandom: From Posters to Pixels

Gone are the days when fandom was limited to posters on the wall or scarves at the stadium. Today, in the world of Matchday, it's about owning a part of the game. This evolution from physical memorabilia to player cards offers everyone a new entry point into fandom. At its best, each card is a story, a memory, a piece of the football tapestry that each fan weaves in their own unique way.

What are Matchday Cards?

Matchday produces officially licensed football cards featuring thousands of players from around the world. These are available right here on our website, both in packs and separately. Some cards are only available by swapping others, while some are special editions, or available for only a limited time.

Community Matters

Our community is the heart and soul of Matchday. Two of our most loyal community members took the time to share their thoughts on what ownership means to them.

First, here's Matchday Mastermind leader Madic sharing how ownership has enhanced the game for him:

I picked up 2 very good cards of the Spanish women’s team during the World Cup and decided to watch some games [featuring those players]. I started to wish their victory as hard as a Spanish fan would have wanted it, every game and goal started to feel really exciting. Spain went to the final and ended up winning which made my two cards extra special. That was a great feeling

Madic goes on to note:

Ownership in the digital realm has the advantage that you can fully use something you collect, something that you would probably not do if you had a signed Messi jersey.

While Madic highlights the excitement and strategic depth brought by owning and managing player cards, community member Lebronson offers a critical viewpoint on the need for true digital ownership.

Matchday currently gives me access to items. With a login to their system and with the items in their custody.

Here, Lebronson highlights the issue of trust between company and customers. From his perspective, it’s essential to move towards a decentralised model of ownership - meaning that items aren’t held in a single place by a single company, but exist publicly and cannot be altered or deleted. He makes the point that it isn’t just desirable for this to happen, but necessary for the future of digital collecting and gaming. It's a solution we are committed to moving towards at Matchday.

Matchday's Approach

Matchday's approach to ownership isn't just about enhancing the gaming experience; it's about pioneering a new frontier of football fandom. It's a commitment to ensure that every card, every player, every match matters, season after season.

As we move towards an ever more digital era, Matchday stands at the forefront, bridging the gap between traditional fandom and the often mystifying world of Web3.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey into the future and make some memories along the way. Our plans go far beyond collecting cards; harnessing our incredible Prorata system, being able to transfer all your player cards into our amazing upcoming game Matchday Mobile, dynamic stat boosts and more. Our ambition is to build the world’s largest football community globally - and we invite you to be a part of it!

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