Matchday Squads: Season One comes to a close, get ready for Season Two!

Earlier this year, we launched the beta of our game, Matchday Squads. In this initial version, you were able to build teams with your official player cards and go head-to-head with other Squads players. And in our Weekly Leagues, you engaged in fierce competition for weekly rewards.

Behind the scenes, Matchday Squads let us test new technologies, like our brand new mixed-gender player data model, our alpha match engine, and our web-based interface, while learning more about what you truly valued.

And now, at the end of Season One, Matchday Squads will be taking a brief hiatus before returning for Season Two, which promises to be very exciting…

Season Two

At Matchday, our goal is to build games for football’s five billion fans.

We’ll be using the break to focus on the next generation Matchday Squads experience, with brand new features and gameplay, taking all the learnings from the community from Season One.

Season Two will push the boundaries of technology to deliver something new and exciting, and we hope ‘category-defining’, well beyond what Season One offered. Stay tuned for sneak previews in the near future.

Thank you!

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who played Squads Season One and helped us evolve the game together. As we worked through the feature requests and bugs (we felt that 6-0 defeat one ourselves!), we’re extremely grateful for your input, feedback, ideas, and enthusiasm!

As a token of our appreciation, we want to reward the users who were part of this first Season One, and will be providing more information via email if you were an active player.

So once again, many thanks to you all for playing so far, and stay tuned for Season Two!

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