Ready Your Club: A New Era Beckons at Matchday

Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce the launch of "Ready Your Club" on the Matchday website. Ready Your Club allows you to start shaping the look and feel of your club right now, before the launch of our much-anticipated football game: Matchday Mobile ⚽.

First, you’ll be able to select your club’s colours, an integral part of establishing an identity.

Then you’ll get to pick a name that resonates with your club's character. Club names are unique, so be sure to grab yours before it’s taken.

Finally, a special addition is coming soon: the ability to create a one of a kind, personalised club crest, representing your club’s spirit and aspirations to the rest of the world

If you already have a Matchday account, you can access this feature right now. Otherwise, sign up, get your free pack of Matchday Cards, and get started!

Check Out Swaps

Don't forget to explore Swaps. Aside from buying on the marketplace, Swaps is the only place you’re able to get limited edition cards. Check out how to get your limited Player of the Month card here. Swaps also allows you to exchange five of your unused cards (of any OVR), for a player with an OVR of 75 or higher. It's a strategic way to enhance your team's strength and potential.

Start building your future team with a distinct palette of club colours and a unique name, adding an individual touch to your football story.

Ready to take the next step? Click here to Ready Your Club and begin crafting your legacy in the world of Matchday football.

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