Unprecedented Football Immersion: The First AI-Native Game

Building an AI-Native game is one of the key differences between Matchday Mobile ⚽ and every other football game that has gone before. Despite AI being a buzzword that’s used liberally across the gaming world, we believe Matchday’s approach to development is the first to embrace the latest AI technology from the ground up for a truly AI-Native experience. Instead of being bolted on or limited to a particular area of the game, Matchday Mobile has been designed with AI at its core.

The AI-Native Edge

AI-Native refers to a foundational approach in game development where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is integrated at the core of the game's design, development, and operation, rather than being an added feature or an afterthought.

The advent and recent quick progression of AI models marks a revolutionary shift for games. In Matchday Mobile, every element of the game, from player interactions, to team dynamics and actions within each match - are fundamentally shaped and influenced by our large language model driven engines. This is a quantum leap beyond how games and game worlds have been created in the past. For players it will mean they can focus on applying their knowledge of the game, in the game.

The Meta-Game Problem

In conventional video games, players find themselves engaged in a dual struggle: immersing themselves in the game world, while also navigating and mastering the rules and mechanics necessary for success. For instance, iff a football video game tends to reward crosses in to the box, players will adopt this tactic. Not because it mirrors real football, but because it’s the most effective game strategy. If game update reduces the effectiveness of this strategy, it disrupts and negates what players have learnt, pushing them towards the next game winning tactic. This constant game of cat and mouse is a meta-game that repeatedly breaks the immersion between player and game world.

AI-Native games, in stark contrast, can be true sandboxes. Players are welcome to try out the tactics they know and see in the real world. AI can simulate a vast array of outcomes, reacting in real time to players’ strategies. Real life football performances can be integrated faster and more accurately than ever before. In-game tips can evolve - from outdated general hints to custom suggestions for each individual player. Expect Matchday Mobile to take full advantage of these opportunities and deliver a footballing experience that goes beyond.


Creative AI and algorithmic content engines offer unparalleled freedom when it comes to narratives within games. A well curated narrative engine is able to weave stories around what the player does, tirelessly creating a world that brings significance to every action and decision made within the game. We’ve seen early examples of people prototyping this as a stand alone idea or interactive toy, but we believe this is the first time AI for storytelling has been integrated into a fully featured game. With Matchday Mobile, each story will play out differently and every player’s journey will be unique.

Leapfrogging tomorrow

Matchday Mobile ⚽ represents more than another step in the evolution of football games, it’s a giant leap into the future of gaming. With an AI-Native core we are no longer just playing a game, we are engaging with an intelligent, responsive world that adapts and grows with us. This is the beginning of a new era where the boundaries between game and reality lessen, offering immersion beyond traditional gameplay.

We cannot wait for you to join us on this revolutionary journey and experience the thrill of Matchday Mobile ⚽. See you on the pitch.

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