The Economics of Matchday

We've seen a lot of questions lately about how the Matchday economy will work, with regards to the buying and selling of cards and our Marketplace.

There are some aspects which are still being discussed, but Economy Designer Ivan Encinas has very kindly taken a look at some of your queries…

Please can you explain the basic economics of the game?

At the heart of the Matchday ecosystem are cards, which will be useable in any Matchday game. This is the “macro economy”, and each game will have their own “micro economies”.

Will it be possible to burn duplicates of the same card into a higher rarity (i.e. a user has 10 common Player X cards - can they burn them into one limited Player X card?)

We haven’t made a final decision just yet, but we are exploring allowing players to burn cards in exchange for in-game virtual currencies.

If a user opens a pack and is not happy with the cards they get, is it possible for them to ‘reroll’ to get different ones, maybe by burning some of their own cards or paying a small fee?

We plan tocreate a more diverse unpacking system, including one that will allow a limited number of rerolls, and that is on our long-term roadmap.

Will the cards have real-world value? If yes, how will this be achieved?

Much like virtual items in other games, the core value of cards is derived from based on how they perform in our games.

Will you implement combustion, so that surplus cards will be eliminated when they devalue?

Not at the moment. As mentioned earlier, we plan to allow players to burn cards in exchange for in-game virtual currency.

Do you have any more details on how card distribution will work, with both common cards and higher rarities, through rewards and games?

Stay tuned! Matchday games are free-to-play (F2P), so we will have mechanisms to allow all players to have the minimum number of common cards required to start playing. Higher rarity cards will unlock certain elements of gameplay, and be used as rewards

Will there be new cards for each football season? If so, how will they be introduced?

Yes there will be, and all packs we distribute in the new seasons will contain them.

Were some higher rarity cards from the 2022 World Cup set aside for future rewards?


How is the team looking at the ecosystem of cards?

We are building a free-to-play ecosystem built on top of our cards, and it would be possible to use the same cards forever. This ecosystem means we (and our partners) will build games, with different mechanics, where you will be able to use your cards. The cards will get value from their in-game utility, which will increase with its usage. Overall, we are building a long term sustainable economy.

What will be the reason to hold "limited" edition cards compared to the normal cards, if they will be equal? And the same question for higher rarities.

They will be equal in the core mechanics of the game “on the pitch”, i.e. a rare Leo Messi card will perform equivalently as a common one, but not in the metagame. As an example (but not designed just yet!) - a rarer Messi card could get a boost more easily than a common one, and/or this boost will last longer or even unlock real-world perks.

How is the team looking to make this work in a Web3 way, instead of a Web2 mentality?

At its core, a game economy must be long term sustainable, and serve both the players and the balance of the game, regardless of Web2 or Web3. We believe in creating an open game economy driven by true ownership, which the blockchain enables.

We understand Web3 as a framework to guarantee a decentralized P2P market. A lot of Web2 games have open markets, but they are centralized. This means they can forbid or impose restrictions on the trade of any item at any moment. Being a Web3 experience guarantees we cannot change the rules of trading in the future. Among other things, if you get tired of the game and want to move on (though we hope not!), you can sell your cards, and the time and energy you have put into them, freely and without restriction. The more users the ecosystem has, the more demand there will be.

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