Our Roadmap for the Next 6 Months

Matchday has grown exponentially in the month since we launched, all thanks to our amazing community of gamers and football fans. Our team has been extremely busy, and your support inspires us to keep building. Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey!

A quick recap - at Matchday, our goal is to develop category defining games for football's five billion fans, working closely with our community. Imagine building your squad, with digital cards of your favorite footballers. This time, you truly own your squad and your cards - no one is taking them away from you every year. Now imagine bringing that squad into different games, whether it's a two minute game on your phone or a full blown simulation.

We’d like to use this opportunity to talk about where we are and share what’s coming next on our roadmap. But first, we want to share our product principles.

Our principles


We all love authenticity. We always want to get closer to the players we love, and the tournaments we love, in the games we play. That’s why we have partnered up with organizations like FIFA and FIFPRO to bring the best of men's and women's football into Matchday games.

Fun first

Building fun experiences for all fans is our top priority. Everything else under the hood, including our blockchain technologies and our card economy, is in service of that. After all, we’re building games, based on a game!

Ownership for everyone

Games are about emotions. Layer on true ownership, and we create a much more powerful experience. We empower fans to truly own our items, by using the blockchain and NFTs. And we build our games so that they are accessible by everyone, whether you have, or don’t have, a blockchain wallet.

Where we are

It starts with your cards

Matchday cards are digital collectibles that are your keys to the Matchday universe. Since our start, we have released two editions of our cards: Season 2022/23 and FIFA World Cup 2022.

The vast majority of Matchday cards are Season Editions. We release new ones every year, so this coming August, we will release Season 2023/24 editions. In the case of special events, like the FIFA World Cup, we release limited-run commemorative editions of players who are involved. All editions of cards can be used in any Matchday game, some are just more special!

Anatomy of a Matchday Player Card

Build your squad

Football is a team sport and your squad is core to the Matchday experience. As you get started in Matchday, it is all about building the squad you want, with the player cards you collect. You call the shots on who you bring in, whether it’s ready-made superstars, or investing in wonder kids.

We have created opportunities to collect cards in several ways - inviting friends, participating in our community contests and time-limited events, or simply, buying a pack. Whichever way you get them, the magic of opening a pack to reveal your cards is always an exciting moment!

Matchday Challenge

The Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup 2022 is a social mini-game, to challenge your friends to predictions, and give a light taste of bringing your squad into a game. Every player in your squad that performs well in a World Cup match, automatically earns bonus points on top of your prediction results, which helps you move up the leaderboard. We know how good it feels to finish on the podium, especially after the many surprises this World Cup has thrown our way!

Matchday Community

As the old saying goes: you come for the game but you stay for the community. It has been great to interact with so many of you, be it playing on our Discord server, or bantering about football on Twitter. Your voice matters. As an early community member, you’ll be able to access exclusive content, take part in AMAs with awesome guests, and participate in the design choices of our upcoming games. Don’t be shy, drop in and say hi!

The next 6 months

December 2022

Card rarities

It’s time for rarities! We believe that Matchday should always be free to play, and all fans will always start off with a welcome pack of free Season Edition cards. We call these Common cards and they are recognizable by their light background.

At the same time, we want to offer another level of depth to fans who love collecting special cards. We are introducing rarity levels for every footballer. Each rarity has its own design, and they are available in limited quantities as indicated by its serial number. For example, you could be one of ten lucky fans in the entire world to own a Legendary card of your favorite footballer! We have big plans in store for each rarity level, so stay tuned.

Rarity Table

When we release Special Edition Cards (like the FIFA World Cup 2022 Edition), expect lower quantities of each rarity. These are special occasions that are, so get them before they are gone! 

Matchday Challenge Global Leaderboard

We will shortly reveal the global leaderboard for Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition! As we move into the Round of 16, we’ll amp up competition globally by offering prizes to the top finishers. So keep watching those games closely and update your predictions before they lock before kick-off.


You asked and we listened. We’re excited to shortly reveal the Matchday Marketplace!

On the Marketplace, you will be able to buy cards from other Matchday members, and sell yours as well. This will also be the place for you to buy higher rarity cards directly from Matchday.

A sneak peek

Part of our dream has always been to bring fans closer together, wherever you are in the world, and whomever you support. Imagine a fan in Belgium selling a Matchday card to a fan in Brazil, who has been looking for that specific card to complete their squad. We will soon make that a reality. 

Q1 2023

Card export

Starting next year you will be able to export your cards to your own blockchain wallet, where they’ll live as NFTs. The first blockchain we are supporting is Solana, and we’ll add support for more chains in 2023. Exporting your cards will entirely be up to you, and we won’t require you to create a wallet if you just want to play and have fun!

Matchday Squads

As league football starts, we’ll release Matchday’s next game, where you can build your squads (that’s right, multiple squads) to compete in challenges, and even compete against other squads.

Matchday Mobile

Bring your squads into our first mobile game. We will be releasing details about this mobile title in our community and give a chance for fans to influence its design as we progress, truly building it together!

Join us

Our community makes Matchday. We are building with you and for you. You have a unique opportunity to influence what we build. We’ll continue to ask you for feedback, and suggestions, and give you access to early playtests. Join our Twitter and Discord - we look forward to the conversations!

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